Dillon Sinden

Dillon Sinden

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First Name * Dillon
Last Name * Sinden
Username * DillonSinden
Country * South Africa
City Cape Town
Nationality South African
Languages EnglishAfrikaans


Areas of Expertise ModelingTexturingShading
Preferred Tools BlenderMaxwell RenderVRayZBrush3ds maxMARInCloth


Availability: Part time
Website dillonsinden.wix.com/portfolio


  • Pinelands High School Senior Certificate
  • University of Cape Town
  • Internet (Self Taught in CG)


Like any young child I began drawing at an early age, my parents bought watercolour paints and taught me how to make potato prints. It was around this time my parents bought their first computer as well. I would use the computer for drawing, using Microsoft Paint. I kept drawing through my primary school years and my digital work evolved as well. In my late primary school years I began using Microsoft Word to create 3D models (Yes, Microsoft word). At this point I made extensive use of its drawing tools and using the basic shapes, I would turn them into 3D and overlay them on top of each other to create objects. This quickly felt very limiting, but luckily in 2005, I came across a PC magazine with software on a CD... Read more at dillonsinden.wix.com/portfolio